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an ancient proverb from fans

lets play the game, “on today’s episode of ‘guess what show it is’.”

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This is why you cant trust women, even when theyre mouth is closed theyre still lying to you

you do realize that this is really hurtful right?
i did not do this to show how i am ‘lying’ to men or anyone, it’s not about how you, as a man, should feel about it - it’s about myself. 
to me your statement sounds as if the left side of this picture is something awful or horrible. and no, it’s not. it is my face - with and without makeup. and whether i chose to wear it or not is MY AND JUST MY decision. and when i do, i do it for myself - so that i feel good about myself - not for you.

Women aren’t born with makeup on, guy. Just like penises don’t circumcise themselves, and air conditioning isn’t ‘natural’. Makeup is no different than brushing your hair, or bubblegum. It’s elective. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that you’re not very loved by the ladies.

Male logic:
Treat makeup-less women like shit for looking “less attractive”
Pressure women to wear makeup in order to receive basic respect
Treat women like malicious liars for wearing the makeup they were told they HAD to wear


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